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Stars in their eyes

buenas ondas, studded rose, femme belle, slufoot, sofia richie, liberty & fox,…

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Nicole Warne from Gary Pepper. #MBFWA

Image by Candice Lake

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You always need to put your stamp on a character, but we were clear from the beginning that they had to be sartorially distinctive. Little things like Tommy wears the collar but without the tie, while some of the others wear a tie or a dicky bow. They don’t have that much money, but the money that they do they spend on their clobber. Every actor can really find a character through the costume. ~ Cillian Murphy on his Peaky Blinders costume (X)

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Kris Van Assche SS14 Lookbook by J Sanchez Pinelli

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Jeroen Smits by Willy Vanderperre for Dior Homme “The Players” 

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laaaaaaaaawd have mercy 😩

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my car

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